• Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!
  • Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!

Weekly Social Media Posts

Thanks so much Shae! This month we are really trying to drive traffic to the website as much as possible for our Back-To-School promotion. I've included some images for posts as well as stories. 

Two quick things:

1. Feel free to give out a following coupon codes to anyone who seems interested in our shop:

THANKU25 (25% off everything), THANKU50 (50% off everything), FREESHIP (free shipping)

2. Post these in any order you think works. Feel free to edit my copy and give me feedback on the images. If you have ideas for better posts, please let me know. 


Hey teachers! We wish you the best with getting your new year off to a great start. We've got loads of fun products in the shop to help you live your best teacher life. Enjoy 25% off today only with our code THANKU25. 


Thanks to you! Our mission is to support teachers and one way we do that by giving 10% of our profit every month to a non-profit helping schools and kids. We love that the Kids in Need Foundation helps students succeed by making sure kids have all the supplies they need. If you purchased anything from our shop in July, you helped us help this amazing organization! Thanks to you and thanks to Kids in Need! 


School supplies with style, its kind of thing! Hop over to the shop and see what we mean.

Enjoy free shipping with the code FREESHIP today!


 We believe in you teachers and we are so grateful for you! 

We at @teacherlifelounge stand in awe of you. We've been so inspired all summer as we've watched you revamping your classrooms to make them inspiring places for your students to learn and thrive. As you rebuild your classrooms, you are rebuilding our world! We cannot thank you enough for all you do. As your summer winds down we send you lots of love from the bottom of our hearts! You've got this!



This could be a series of posts to stories, ending on the coupon code.