• Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!
  • Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!

Teacher Life Lounge Insider Guide

Welcome Brand Ambassadors!

New brand ambassador? Start with our Getting Started Guide. 

We want to help you make promoting The Teacher Life Lounge easy and natural for you. Your recommendations go a long way with our customers, we sincerely thank you for your partnership! 

On this page you'll find a full suite of shareable images to help you promote our products. Make sure you use your Teacher Life Lounge coupon code or affiliate link whenever you mention us so you can get credit for any sales made using your link. Experiment with adding the code or link throughout your writing in multiple places and in your profile for the best results.


Be sure you are always sharing your unique affiliate code. Add it to your bio and any posted about the shop. This is how we track your commissions (and it gives your followers 25% off). 

Instagram: Make sure you tag us @teacherlifelounge on your posts so we can find and follow you! We will jump in and help out with questions or comments from your followers. 

Instagram Stories: Stories are very popular and one of the more successful ways to promote. The best way to use them is with video, especially if it shows real people your honest reviews, or points of view. 

Tags for Instagram: You can use up top 30 tags on Instagram. The more you use and the more relevant they are, the more you maximize the number of people who will see your post. It makes no difference if your hashtags are in your post text or in the comments below your post. You aren't required to use any specific tags but we would love you to tag #teacherlifelounge. 

Hashtags to try: #teachersofinstagram #teacher #teacherlife #teachersfollowteachers #teach #teacherstyle #teachergifts #teachertired #teachertips #teacherlyf #teacherblogger #teacherinspiration #teacherfashion #teacherfashion #teacherideas #teacherlife🍎 #teacheroutfit #teachersofinsta #teacherstatus #teacherappreciation #teachergoals #teachertribe #teachersrock #teach #teaching #learning #education #school

Facebook: Videos are great for Facebook. It's quick and easy to "Go Live" and candidly talk about our products, your experience with them, or just show them off. 

FTC compliance: The FTC requires that you disclose paid partnerships. Make
sure to state our partnership, mention if you received something free
and use hashtags such as #ad, #brandpartner, etc.

Our Promotions

August-September: Back to School in Style Promotion

October-November: Free Shipping Promotion

December-January: New Year Promotion

February-March: Spring Promotion

April-May: Summer is Coming Promotion

June-July: Vacay Vibes

Shareable square images for Instagram and Facebook

Be sure to include your 25% off code in your description when you share these images. 

Shareable images for Instagram Stories


Have an idea of your own for a promotion or giveaway that you think would resonate with your followers? Let us know. We love working one-on-one with our ambassadors to make your visions happen! 

We've partnered with our ambassadors to do many creative things like custom giveaways, creating themed collections just for their followers, creating custom discount codes to promote your favorite items. What ideas do you have? Let's talk!