• Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!
  • Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping now! No code needed!

Fall Promotion

Fall FREE SHIPPING Promotion

Thank you so much for joining our Fall FREE SHIPPING Promotion. We hope this is a fantastic opportunity for you to earn some money and share our store with your followers. For all of October and November, we are offering FREE shipping worldwide. We hope this is a good opportunity for our amazing customers to save a little money while treating themselves to something fun and useful in the shop. 

A little about our company: We are lifestyle store for teachers that gives back! Every month we donate at least 10% of our profit to non-profits supporting schools, teachers, and children. We are so grateful you are part of this and please feel free to reach out at any point with questions.

What to include in your post: Feel free to post content about the promotion at any point during between now and the end of November. Be sure to include: a link to our shop (teacherlifelounge.com) or on instagram (@teacherlifelounge) just tag us and include your coupon code (25% off everything in the shop) in the text. Check out our Instagram for some we have reposted for some inspiration. 


Your coupon code or referral link: Your coupon code or referral link is really important to track your commissions. Every Friday, we will add up how many sales were made with your code/link and PayPal you 10-20%. You have a referral link and a referral code. If someone uses either of these, you will earn a commission of that sale (and your followers get 25% off). Some insiders post that link in their instagram bio, other post the code.